Utility APE

Utility APE: Leading
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The Collections
Gen 2 ApesThe Generation 2 Collection
3,000Collection Size
About the Collection

The preeminent Utility Ape collection is GEN 2. It consists of 2,200 possibly mutated apes and 800 minted apes. This collection provides the greatest benefits to holders.

Transcendent ApesThe Pixel Collection
7,777Collection Size
About the Collection

Pixel Apes are pixelated apes that take pixel art to the next level. Not only do they look great, but they also provide rewards to holders. While the majority of these NFTs can be minted using Utility Apes' $BANANA token, 600 are reserved for minting for 0.69 SOL a piece.

Gen 1 ApesThe Generation 1 Collection
3,600Collection Size
About the Collection

Incubated apes that can be combined with other Gen 1s and potions to mutate into a GEN 2 apes. These apes were the original Utility Ape collection and are deflationary by nature.

Kong SolosThe Honorary Collection
10+Collection Size
About the Collection

The 1:1 collection consists of a series of apes created by various artists in collaboration with other projects. These one-of-a-kind apes are auctioned off using $BANANA and the Magic Eden Auction.

Utility PotionsThe Potion Collection
1,700Collection Size
About the Collection

It appears that these potions have some kind of effect on the incubated ape.